Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

gallery-7R….E…..S….P…..E…..C……T yourself and your surroundings… The Pegasus Farm is a working farm and home to the people and animals who reside here. Camping and music area are used for growing veggies, just stay out of the gardens. Plants have been known to attack and eat humans.

What about dogs?

Please, no dogs because of insurance regulations.

What about ATV’s?

Please, no ATV’s because of insurance regulations.

What do I do with my garbage?

Please Don’t Litter: If you are camping with us, use the trash bags we have given you at the gate. Bag and tie your garbage, put it in front of your car in the morning. We will pick up. Use garbage containers located throughout the grounds. Cigarette butts are garbage: Do not throw them on the ground. Extinguish and put your butt in your pocket, or carry a partially empty soda can with you to put them into. Butt cans can be found throughout the grounds

If I decide to camp overnight, how much does it cost?

Camping fee is in addition to event ticket and is $20 per person per night. CHECK OUT IS ON SUNDAY The festival and the campground are two separate things… At 2 pm the festival turns into the campground.
If you are on the grounds after 2 pm Sunday there WILL be a $20 charge.